The ‘fechan Truckwash

We know how important a clean image is to the transport industry. We at the ‘fechan Truckwash operate a manned, fully recycling, state of the art, commercial truckwash (three brush gantry type). We pride ourselves on the quality of wash, ensuring that whilst vehicles are washed automatically there is manual spot washing of wheel hubs and chassis. The wash is effective and efficient with a wash time of 20 to 25 minutes. We use non-caustic, biodegradable soap giving you the best quality clean, whilst also protecting the environment. Environmental protection does not mean higher costs: our prices are very competitive and the more you use us the better price we can offer.

Ever increasing night-time commercial transport means that facilities are required for these drivers. So, we are open 24 hours during the week. What better than to get your vehicle washed in time for your morning delivery?

We can cater for all sizes and types of vehicle, including double decked and long vehicles. The washbay also has an inspection pit meaning that MOT and chassis washes can be done with speed and precision.

We are a member of the SNAP network and welcome all their business users.