International Transport

We have extensive experience of international transport both in the UK and throughout Europe, including Scandinavia. We are very knowledgeable in the transportation of goods across EU and non-EU borders and its associated bureaucracy. We specialise in time-critical loads, particularly within the meat industry, although we also transport fruit, dairy products, fish and pharmaceuticals. Working with partners across Europe, we can provide an efficient and speedy service to get your goods to market, wherever that market may be.

We operate a modern, well maintained fleet. Our drivers are trained and experienced in transporting temperature controlled products. We run 26/33 pallet fridges, all of which are fitted with thermographs to monitor and record the temperature of your goods. Trackers are also fitted so we know exactly where your goods are at any given moment in time. In the unlikely event of a problem, we provide 24/7 cover of the office telephones.